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Unwanted stairlifts


Unwanted Stairlifts – collections

We collect unwanted stairlifts and, in most circumstances, free of charge. We also collect unwanted stairlifts for disposal.

Communities are delighted by the prospect of their unwanted mobility equipment going on to help somebody else retain their independence. Our recycling teams work throughout England and Wales.

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How Stairlift Recycling Helps the Environment

We only have one planet. We at Stairlift Recycling go over and above to care for the environment.  This is how we are making a difference:

Firstly, we save energy

Stairlift Recycling delivers good-as-new stairlifts while using a fraction of the energy that would normally be used to manufacture many of the parts from scratch. For example, we refurbish straight stairlifts with minimal alterations, or we simply reuse them. All parts are cleaned, rigorously tested, and can be reused several times.

Secondly, we reduce landfill

We do our best to ensure that any donated stairlifts parts do not go to landfill!  According to the Galvanizers Association, steel is highly recyclable, so recycling rails makes complete economic and logistical sense. What’s more, many materials and substances that end up in landfill take years to break down. According to Bywaters, batteries can take up to 100 years, plastic up to 450 years, and metals anything from 50 to 500 years. These frightening statistics make recycling a no-brainer.

Thirdly, less danger to wildlife

Reducing landfill deposits reduces the number of toxic substances that can cause danger to wildlife.  Heavy metals and other toxic chemicals found in batteries combine with other liquids and gases to make the environment unpleasant to locals plus dangerous to animals and birds. We are doing all we can to avoid endangering wildlife through our activities.

Fourthly, Stairlift Recycling is reducing our carbon footprint

We are always working to minimize the UK’s CO2 production by reducing energy consumption.  Each stairlift used to have a one-way journey, from the customer’s home to landfill. Stairlift Recycling results in fewer trips to landfill sites.

As the population ages, we will continue to keep people independent in their homes, responsibly, while providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Therefore, recycled products such as stairlifts are a win-win option to keep independent while keeping costs down.

Lastly, will you help Stairlift Recycling to protect the environment?

Will you be one of our many happy customers who have benefitted from a recycled stairlift?


Stannah stairlifts

Mobility made easier for you


Stannah stairlifts

Mobility made easier for you


Stannah stairlifts

Mobility made easier for you

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